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Thursday August 21, 2014

ASUS Z97-A LGA 1150 Motherboard

If you are looking for a motherboard with great quality and features for your next system build, you'll definitely want to read our evaluation of the ASUS Z97-A LGA 1150 motherboard.

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While ASUS is usually known for motherboards like the Maximus and Rampage Extreme series’ or even feature rich solutions like the Z97-Deluxe it is motherboards like the Z97-A that are ASUS’ bread and butter. Shopping for an inexpensive motherboard doesn’t have to mean accepting poor quality feature stripped solutions.


Amazon Expands Its Cloud Services To The U.S. Military

I wonder if they get movies, books and free two day shipping as well?

In technical speak, the provisional ATO granted by the Defense Information Systems Agency means DOD customers can use AWS’ GovCloud – an isolated region entirely for U.S. government customers – through a private connection routed to DOD’s network. DOD customers can now secure AWS cloud services through a variety of contract vehicles.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Cooltek W1 Case @ Tweak.dk

Deepcool MaelStrom 240 Case @ ocaholic

ETC.: D-Link DIR-880L AC1900 Wi-Fi Router @ Big Bruin

PSU: Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1000W @ NikKTech

Storage: OCZ Vector 150 480GB SSD @ Hardware-Mag.de

Video: PNY GTX 780 & GTX 780 Ti Customized OC @ HwC

Your Brain Sucks At Video Games

If you suck at video games, it's your brain's fault. frown


The Ten Most Desirable Video Game Companies to Work For

The top ten list of most desirable video game companies to work for is out and the company perched atop the list is none other than Valve. You know what that means....HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!! big grin

Privately-owned Valve takes the number one spot, beating out even the eternal dream of entrepreneurship. It should be noted that both Valve and Blizzard are two companies in the industry that perhaps more than any other focus relentlessly on the quality of a release, sacrificing strict launch timetables in the process. Not to say that Valve and Blizzard don’t have deadlines, but they also don’t mind waiting a decade in between sequels either.


Oculus Added To Facebook's Bug Bounty Program

It looks as though the Oculus Rift has been added to Facebook's bug bounty program.

Facebook has a program which encourages people outside the company to report security problems with the site -- by paying them a bounty. The company paid out $1.5 million in bounties in 2013 alone. Now, Oculus has been added to the bounty program.


AT&T Confirms Plans To Deliver GigaPower In Cupertino

AT&T today confirmed it will expand its ultra-fast AT&T GigaPower network to the City of Cupertino. The all-fiber network will bring symmetrical upload and download broadband speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, and AT&T’s most advanced TV services to consumers and small businesses. AT&T is deploying additional fiber and electronics to the existing network in Cupertino to meet the growing demand for ultra-fast broadband. The network enhancements will enable customers to have access to AT&T’s fastest Internet speeds available to consumers. Local residents and small businesses on the AT&T GigaPower network will also experience cutting-edge TV services with the ability to watch and record five simultaneous HD streams, and its largest capacity DVR with one terabyte of storage.


Courts: Dotcom’s Millions Will Remain Frozen

You have to wonder, by the time this thing is all over, how many millions will Dotcom have spent trying to get his assets unfrozen?

Kim Dotcom's battle to regain control over millions in seized assets has received another setback. Today the Court of Appeal overturned a ruling by the High Court by extending the restraining orders against the entrepreneur's property until at least April 2015.


University Bans Social Media, Wikipedia On Dorm WiFi

Whoa, this sucks. Hey, this news isn't all bad, at least Northern Illinois University students can still access the [H]! wink

Perhaps one of the most controversial of the terms is the restriction on political activities such as surveying, polling, material distribution, vote solicitation and organization or participation in meetings, rallies and demonstrations, among other activities. According to the policy, social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Foursquare are also unacceptable "unless associated with professional responsibilities." However, students have reportedly been able to access social media. To top it off, illicit activity discovered during "routine monitoring" is grounds for an investigation.


Monkeys, Ghosts And Gods Cannot Be Copyrighted

Just FYI, there is now a list of things that cannot be copyrighted.

Among the 1,222 pages of updated rules and regulations are explicit bans on works produced by "nature, animals, or plants" or "purportedly created by divine or supernatural beings".


Windows 9 Unveiling Set For September 30?

The Verge, citing a friend of a friend that knows someone familiar with Microsoft's plans, claims Windows 9 will be unveiled September 30th. Or, it could later than that. That date may change too. Also, it might be named something else when it does. A preview will be available in late September or early October. Maybe.

Microsoft is planning to unveil its Windows 8 successor next month at a special press event. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the software maker is tentatively planning its press event for September 30th to detail upcoming changes to Windows as part of a release codenamed "Threshold." This date may change, but the Threshold version of Windows is currently in development and Microsoft plans to release a preview version of what will likely be named Windows 9 to developers on September 30th or shortly afterwards.


Gaming [H]eadlines

Ancient Space Announced @ Blue's News

Free Play Days Appear In Xbox One Preview Program @ Joystiq

Official Destiny Launch Gameplay Trailer @ YouTube

Xbox 360 Getting 500GB Hard Drive @ Shacknews

Hacking Gmail With 92 Percent Success

Researchers have identified a weakness in Android, Windows and iOS mobile operating systems that can be hacked 82% to 92% of the time. eek!

The researchers tested the method and found it was successful between 82 percent and 92 percent of the time on six of the seven popular apps they tested. Among the apps they easily hacked were Gmail, CHASE Bank and H&R Block. Amazon, with a 48 percent success rate, was the only app they tested that was difficult to penetrate.


AMD Commemorating 30 Years of Graphics & Gaming at AMD

The folks at AMD reminded us they will be commemorating 30 years of graphics and gaming this Saturday at 10am EDT. What does the graphics card giant have up its sleeve for this event? I guess you'll have to tune in to find out! cool

AMD Commemorating 30 Years of Graphics & Gaming at AMD. AMD’s Chief Gaming Scientist Richard Huddy will be the master of ceremonies on Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT (14:00 UTC). A real-time video webcast will be shown here. A replay of the webcast can be accessed approximately four hours after the conclusion of the live event and will be available for one year after the event. Additionally, viewers will also be able to access the live broadcast on the AMD Twitch channel at twitch.tv/amd. A replay of the webcast will be accessible on the AMD YouTube channel.


Minecraft PS4 Fails Certification

Those of you waiting for Minecraft on the PS4 will have to wait a bit longer. It seems the game has failed Sony's certification tests and needs to be fixed before being resubmitted.

It's looking unlikely Minecraft will meets its August release window on PS4 after it failed Sony's certification tests. So it's back to the fixing board for 4J Studios, and the team will have to re-submit the game for certification before it can be released.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases: Thermaltake Core V71 Full-Tower @ Legit Reviews

ETC.: Kingston HyperX Cloud Headset @ Cowcotland

Input: GAMDIAS HADES Extension Mouse @ Hardware Heaven

Storage: Crucial MX100 256GB SSD @ MadShrimps

Video: HIS Radeon R9-290X Hybrid ICEQ @ Guru3D

Linus Torvalds 'Still Wants the Desktop'

As much as I hate to say it, Torvalds has had over 20 years to win the war for the desktop and isn't any closer today than he was back then. We are definitely Linux supporters but something is seriously wrong when a free operating system can't compete with one that costs hundreds of dollars. frown

Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman moderated the discussion and commented that Linux already runs everywhere. He asked Torvalds where he thinks Linux should go next. "I still want the desktop," Torvalds said as the audience erupted into boisterous applause. The challenge on the desktop is not a kernel problem, Torvalds said. "It's a whole infrastructure problem. I think we'll get there one day."


51% Of Consumers Share Passwords

The moral of this story? Don't leave your backdoor wide open to attackers. I think that's good advice in any situation. big grin

While 52% of respondents stated that security was a top priority when choosing a mobile device, 51% are putting their personal data at risk by sharing usernames and passwords with friends, family and colleagues.


So What Exactly Is A 'Killer Robot'?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that ANY robot that kills you is a "killer robot."

But not everybody defines "killer robot" the same way. For Clearpath, a killer robot is a robot that can make a decision to use lethal force without human intervention. At Human Rights Watch, the definition is broadened to include any robot that can choose to use force against a human, even if that force isn’t lethal.


Sony Doesn’t Know Why PS4 Is Selling So Well

Sony doesn't know who bought all those PS4s? Here's a clue....check eBay. big grin

Even president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida doesn’t know why it’s doing so well. "It’s just beyond our imagination. We are so happy. But I for one am a bit nervous because we do not completely understand what’s happening," said Yoshida


Apple Invention Helps iPhone Users Find Their Parked Car

Are we taking any bets on whether or not the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants Apple's patent applications? They seem to rubber stamp everything else.

News Image

A pair of Apple patent applications discovered on Thursday describe a system that automatically determines when and where a user parks their car, and later directs them back to the vehicle without requiring a data connection or GPS signal.


Would You Use A Tablet To Make A Phone Call?

BetaNews wants to know if you would you use a tablet to make a phone call? Well?

According to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker, in Q2 2014 nearly 25 percent (around 3.5 million units) of all the tablets shipped in the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) region had cellular voice capabilities, allowing users to make calls by holding a tablet up to their faces. And we’re talking devices with screen sizes of 7 inches and up.


Six Million Cars Now Running NVIDIA Processors

An exquisite interior crafted from recycled materials. A carbon fiber passenger cell built with renewable electricity. And a hybrid system that lets drivers shift from all-electric cruising to street-scorching performance with a flick of the wrist. With the new BMW i8, green has just met mean. With the first owners getting their cars last weekend, BMW’s new plug-in hybrid sports car is now hitting the streets in the U.S. And – as anyone who has caught a glimpse of the i8 even in pictures knows – it’s gorgeous. But the story here is about more than this coupe’s striking looks and aggressive stance.

The i8 offers a peek at the future of driving – a future that’s packed with plenty of computing power to go along with the i8’s ample horsepower. This is where we come in. We’ve come a long way since our first GPU appeared in a car back in 2007. The BMW i8 is the latest in a string of new vehicle introductions this year that have helped us hit the milestone of six million NVIDIA-powered cars on the road.


BitFenix Releases New Prodigy M Colors

The BitFenix Design Lab has always been listening intently to the feedback from the community, and nowhere has this been more evident than the release of the Prodigy M chassis. The micro ATX variant of the Prodigy, Prodigy M is the result of direct feedback from users who wanted the same styling and sophistication of Prodigy, but desired the capability of installing micro ATX motherboards. Today, BitFenix is announcing not one, but two releases inspired by community feedback: Prodigy M Color and Prodigy M Window Side Panels.


Wednesday August 20, 2014

AT&T Exclusivity Hindering Amazon Phone Sales

While AT&T exclusivity may be hurting Amazon phone sales, I don't think the price is doing it any favors either.

Amazon keeps sales numbers secret but the firm came to that conclusion by tracking ad impressions generated by the phone's users. The fairly tepid sales are in large part thanks to the exclusive sales arrangement with AT&T, something we noted at launch didn't exactly scream cutting edge.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: BitFenix Prodigy M Gamer @ Tweak.dk

Cooling: Scythe Tatsumi CPU Cooler @ pcGameware

ETC.: RAM Disk Guide @ TechARP

Zotac Zbox ID92 Mini-PC @ Tech Report

Input: Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury @ TechSpot

Storage: AMD Radeon R7 240GB SSD @ eTeknix

Video: Sapphire Radeon R9 290 @ ocaholic

Stop Buying Games At Launch

I think more and more people are starting to realize something you guys have known for a long time, buying games at launch is not such a good idea.

Early adopters pay the most for a game and get the least finished version of the release. It’s often worth it for them to play it along with the huge rush of other fans who want to be there first, but you don’t have to join them, even if many are perfectly happy to sign up for the journey of a game’s patches and updates and price drops rather than the pure destination of just playing the damned thing.


Kingston SSDNow V310 SSD

The SSD Review crew just put the finishing touches on their review of the Kingston SSDNow V310 SSD. If you are looking for a large solid state drive, this review will be of interest.

Although performance may not be the best, Kingston is targeting a specific demographic with this SSD, that being the beginner who will be migrating from a hard drive. Having said that, the included accessories within this SSD present a completely different outlook, one that we have yet to see from any other.


Intel And Unity Collaborate To Extend Android Support Across Intel-Based Devices

Intel and Unity Technologies today announced a strategic collaboration to advance the development of Android*-based applications on Intel® architecture. The agreement accelerates Intel's mobility push as millions of developers using the Unity development platform can now bring native Android games and other apps to Intel-based mobile devices. Unity adds support for Android across all of Intel's current and future processors including both the Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processor families. Unity will ensure Intel product enhancements, including both graphics and CPU performance improvements and features, will be seamlessly integrated into future releases of the Unity 4 and Unity 5 product lines. As Intel architecture continues to gain market segment share on mobile devices, these improvements will help ensure that the Unity developers' games run natively as well as look great and perform beautifully on Intel platforms.


51 UPS Stores Hit With Malware Attack

If you've been to a UPS franchise store this year, you are probably going to want to read this.

UPS said Wednesday that 51 of its franchised stores were hit with a malware attack that put customer credit and debit card data at risk from Jan. 20 to August 11. In a statement, UPS Store said that it was hit with a broad malware attack that anti-virus software didn't pick up. UPS Store was notified by federal investigators and then reviewed its systems.


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