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Monday September 15, 2014

MPAA Swears It’s Not Pushing For More Anti-Piracy Legislation

While it would be nice if we could believe anything this guy says, I seriously don't think we've seen the last of the lawsuits from the MPAA.

But when MPAA CEO Chris Dodd — a former Senator who is no stranger to controversy — spoke to The Wrap at the event, he said his organization is giving up legislative efforts to penalize pirates. "The world is changing at warp speed. We are not going to legislate or litigate our way out of it," said Dodd. "We are going to innovate our way out by educating people about the hard work of people."


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: Lian Li PC-V359 mATX Case @ Legit Reviews

Streacom FC10S Case @ Technic3D

Motherboards: EVGA X99 Classified @ LanOC

PSU: Antec EDGE 550W @ NikKTech

XFX PRO 1250W Black Edition @ eTeknix

Video: Gigabyte Radeon R9 285 OC @ Technic3D

How To Get The New U2 Album Out Of iTunes

It's pretty sad that you need special instructions to remove a free album from your phone and iTunes account.

Many were upset when the album suddenly appeared in their iTunes library, and, depending on a user's settings, sometimes downloaded itself onto mobile devices. There is a way to hide albums from view in iTunes, but if you just can't live with Songs of Innocence being tied to your account, Apple has pushed out a tool to eradicate it from your account forever.


Hybrid Interactions With Phones On Computer Screens

Watch this video and tell me what you think of this project in development at MIT.


Government Demands For Google User Data Skyrocket

According to Google's latest transparency report, worldwide government requests for Google's users data have gone up one hundred and fifty percent in the past five years

Government requests for user information -- such as registration information, emails and IP addresses -- are up 15 percent in the first half of 2014, and up 150 percent since the report was first published in 2009. In the US, government requests for user data are up 19 percent and 250 percent, respectively. In total, Google received 31,698 government requests for user information during the first half of this year, and it complied -- either in part or whole -- with 65 percent of those requests.


GTX 970/980 Specs And Benchmarks Leaked?

This forum thread has a bunch of "leaked" GTX 970/980 specs, and even a 3DMark score thrown in for good measure. Hit the link for all the info. Here's the 3DMark score to pique your interest:

News Image

The World’s First 3D-Printed Car

You guys have to check out this 3D printed car that was assembled over the weekend at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. Check out the pics and video below:

News Image News Image

News Image News Image


Fractal Design Core 3300 ATX Case

PC Perspective has taken the Fractal Design Core 3300 ATX case for a test drive today to see what it has to offer.

The build experience with the Core 3300 was straightforward with no complications. The case feels very stable and well made, and there are numerous options available for cooling given the large interior and flexible mounting for fans and radiators. Given the lack of problems during installation the Core 3300 fares well for ease of use, though the design isn't perfect.


Say Hello To The FBI's National Facial Recognition System

The FBI proudly announced that its new national facial recognition system is fully operational.

If you've ever been arrested in the United States, chances are strong that your fingerprints and criminal history are floating around in the FBI's Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System. It's apparently pretty good at what it does - it can sift through some 70 million subjects in search of a particular fingerprint in as little as half an hour - but it's just not enough for the boys in blue. Thankfully for them (and maybe unfortunately for us), the FBI just announced that its sequel, the unimaginatively named Next Generation Identification system, is now "fully operational" some three years after the rollout began.


Gaming [H]eadlines

Destiny Claims Biggest Launch Ever For New IP @ Joystiq

GTA 5 PC Delayed Until January @ Rockstar

Halo Homage Spotted In Destiny @ Shacknews

Saints Row Creative Director Joins Valve @ Blue's News

ASUS STRIX GTX 750 Ti OC Edition

If you are shopping for a solid, well-built and quiet video card that comes overclocked from the factory, our evaluation of the ASUS STRIX GTX 750 Ti OC Edition should be right up your alley.

News Image

Rounding out our look at ASUS' new STRIX technology we have another STRIX capable video card on our test bench today, this time based on the GTX 750 Ti GPU. We will take the ASUS STRIX GTX 750 Ti OC Edition and test it against an AMD Radeon R9 270 and AMD Radeon R9 265 to see what reigns supreme under $200.


Gamers Use Police Hoax To Lash Out At Opponents

No story about swatting would be complete without a moronic statement like this:

Intensely competitive war games that blur the lines of fantasy and reality could also contribute, said Dr. Kimberly Young, a psychologist who directs the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Swatting, to them, seems like part of the game.


MIT Built A Robotic Cheetah

MIT would like you all to know that they have built a robotic cheetah that will no doubt be used by our robotic overlords to hunt humans into extinction. Thanks MIT. Thanks a lot.


Corsair Graphite 380T Case

There is a review of the Corsair Graphite 380T case at Tweak.dk today. You can see our evaluation here for comparison purposes.

This is a cube-shaped package which is available in three different colors, namely black, white and yellow. In this review, we take a closer look at the yellow version, which among other things offers features such as built-in fan controller, carry handle, lots of dust filters and ingenious side panels.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cooling: Noctua NH-D15 Cooler @ Technic3D

ETC.: Kingston HyperX Cloud Headset @ APHNetworks

Memory: Crucial DDR4-2133 32GB Memory Kit @ ThinkComputers

Motherboards: ASUS Rampage V Extreme @ ocaholic

Storage: QNAP TS-451 @ techPowerUP!

SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSD @ SSD Review

$2.5B Minecraft Deal With Microsoft Confirmed

After a week of rumors and speculation, it is now official, Microsoft is buying Mojang for $2.5 billion. As part of the deal, Mojang's founders are leaving the company, presumably to have fun spending all that money. smile

As you might already know, Notch is the creator of Minecraft and the majority shareholder at Mojang. He’s decided that he doesn’t want the responsibility of owning a company of such global significance. Over the past few years he’s made attempts to work on smaller projects, but the pressure of owning Minecraft became too much for him to handle. The only option was to sell Mojang. He’ll continue to do cool stuff though. Don’t worry about that.


Canon Printer Hacked To Run Doom

What's the best way to demonstrate security problems on your printer? Hack it to run Doom. Check out the video below:

A wireless Canon Pixma printer has been hacked to run classic video game Doom. The hack was carried out by security researcher Michael Jordon, and it took four months to get the game running on the hardware.


The Disappointing Design of Apple’s New Gadgets

Wired seems less than impressed with the design of Apple’s new gadgets.

Is Apple leading from behind, or refusing to lead? Samsung or LG are trying hard to bend and morph screens to fit humans, and Sharp developed a truly zero-border screen with the Aquos Crystal… why won’t Apple?


Cryorig R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler

The Cryorig R1 Ultimate CPU cooler is on the test bench today at pcGameware. For comparison purposes, you can see our evaluation here.

The cooler is big measuring in 168.3mm(H)x140mm(W)x142.4mm(L) with a weight of 1282g (including fans) But with its Multiseg quick mount system, combined with the heatsink design, the Cryorig R1 Ultimate is one of, if not the easiest CPU cooler in the world to fit (short of a dollop of thermal paste and just whacking a heatsink on top of your CPU, it really couldn’t be much easier!).


UFC Pirate Apologizes And Settles Following $32M Lawsuit

Something tells me that a lot more lawsuits are about to be filed now that the UFC has all this guy's equipment.

A man hit with a $32 million lawsuit after releasing an estimated 200 hours of UFC PPV events on torrent sites has settled his case with UFC owner, Zuffa. On top of a permanent injunction Steven Messina, known online as Secludedly, publicly apologized to the UFC and will hand over all of this equipment and website data.


Start Folding With The [H] Today!

Joining the best folding team on the planet (Team #33) is now easier than ever. We don't give you money to join and we can't promise you cash or other incentives, we do this simply because it is our passion and that is why we've had the best folding community around...for years. So, if you want to make a difference with a group of people that honestly care about what they are doing, join team Team #33 today.

Folding is a wonderful way to help your fellow man using your spare CPU cycles and now, thanks to the Quick Setup V7 Guide for Windows, it is easier than ever to get started. Remember to put the number 33 in the "team" field and you’ll be folding with the [H]orde in no time! Thanks to all our team members for the wonderful job they are doing.

Intel Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend

Intel Corporation's board of directors has declared a quarterly dividend of 22.5 cents per share (90 cents per share on an annual basis) on the company's common stock. The dividend will be payable on Dec. 1, 2014, to stockholders of record on Nov. 7, 2014. Intel is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world's computing devices. As a leader in corporate responsibility and sustainability, Intel also manufactures the world's first commercially available "conflict-free" microprocessors.


Sunday September 14, 2014

Scientists Discover Superhenge with Hi-Tech Mapping Techniques

Scientists are several steps closer to discovering the true scope and purpose of Stonehenge. Using modern mapping technology, scientists are beginning to grasp the enormity of the site they now call Superhenge. Scientists now date the original site back to sometime around 3000 BCE.

News Image


LA TV Stations Free Up Airwaves for Wireless Broadband

Let the auction begin! Two L.A. TV stations have agreed to double up on a frequency, freeing up a large chunk of unused spectrum that will go up for auction next year to be ‘repackaged’ for use in the wireless broadband market.

So this week’s agreement is good news for the FCC, especially as it’s happening in the second-biggest TV market in the country, after New York City.


Intel Introduced Its Newest Creation: The Smart Wheelchair

Intel has been working with Dr. Stephen Hawking on an Internet of Things project for the past ten years. The new concept wheelchair is described as ‘a custom platform that can transform standard wheelchairs into data driven, connected machines.


The NSA Has a Plan to Map the Entire Internet

Edward Snowden: The gift that keeps on giving and giving. In the latest revelation from Snowden’s exposé of the NSA, we find the NSA and British GCHQ planning to map the entire Internet in a program they have dubbed the Treasure Map. Not so sinister, you say? Read on

Der Spiegel‘s report details how the Treasure Map program plays a far more aggressive role. The program apparently aids in "Computer Attack/Exploit Planning," offering "a kind of battlefield map for cyber warfare."


DirecTV Sees Smooth Path to AT&T Merger

Reports from Reuters are confirming that the DirecTV/AT&T merger is definitely on and should be completed somewhere in the 2Q15. The deal has been reported to net DirecTV $48.5 Billion for the acquisition.

This is a unique opportunity that will redefine the video entertainment industry and create a company able to offer new bundles and deliver content to consumers across multiple screens–mobile devices, TVs, laptops, cars, and even airplanes.


AVG Claims Zero Day Protection

We’ve all heard it before from other antivirus companies claiming that they have the solution to zero-day type malware, but they never seem to live up to expectations. AVG is the latest to introduce detection of Zero-Day malware before it does harm to your computer without knowing what it is looking for. I’ve always loved the occult side of computer technology. big grin

AVG has not made any claims of protection from zero day threats in its previous software so it must be fairly confident that this version of screening must do something a little different.


Tesla's $1.3 Billion Incentive Deal with Nevada

If you were wondering exactly why Tesla Motors chose to build its ‘Gigafactory’ in Nevada over other states that were willing to give even bigger tax breaks, the answer is simple: uncontested direct sales to the public.

Lawmakers in a special session also exempted Tesla from a law requiring new cars to be sold through dealers, and reduced tax breaks for filmmakers and insurance companies to do business in Nevada


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